Being a patient is hard. We get it.

As a patient, keeping on top of everything you are supposed to do and tracking what is happening in your life can be really hard.

All those complicated instructions in one easy "to-do" list.

Each day, everything you need to do is listed in one easy-to-follow care plan. No more reams of paper, Post-It notes, and scribbles.

Everything you need to do is listed in an easy-to-follow care plan.

Track how you are feeling over time.

It’s important for your doctor to know:

  • How are you feeling today?
  • Are you experiencing any pain?

What should I look for?

TapCloud helps you watch for symptoms and side effects – even if you aren’t sure what to look for.

The customized word cloud is created just for you . . . exactly in the moment. Just tap on any symptom you are experiencing.



Keep your care team up to date.

All your information is recorded. The next time the doctor asks what is happening, you can answer precisely. No more brain freeze where you suddenly can’t remember anything past yesterday.

Your care team can track your progress with you.


TapCloud provides more tools to help you manage
your health

Get Reminders
  • Take my medication
  • Change my bandage
  • Complete daily exercises
Keep A Journal

Write notes so you remember:

  • What symptoms occurred
  • When the symptom started
  • Things to ask the doctor
Take A Picture

Pictures help you and your care team:

  • See how your wound is healing
  • Track if redness is going away
Record Vitals

Blood pressure, heart rate, weight, glucose, daily steps and more

Share Your Info

With any family members or other clinicians you choose

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