TapCloud Releases COVID-19 Safety Solution for Surgery Centers

Parking lot screenings. Temperature checks for employees, patients and visitors before building entry.  Nothing feels quite the same as surgery centers begin to reopen across the United States.

As early as yesterday, facilities in a number of states began to open up their doors to elective surgeries following temporary closures due to COVID-19. With patients and staff members still at high risk for exposure, procedures have changed dramatically with little to no opportunity to implement time-saving technology that streamlines new processes.

TapCloud has worked side-by-side with our hospital and surgical center partners to develop immediately deployable solutions for today’s challenges and a longer-term plan for the new normal.

COVID-19 Safety for Surgery Centers

  • Instant Deploy Screening – Screen employees each day, text/email pre-appointment screenings to patients and visitors and equip teams with tablets to administer onsite screenings prior to building entry
  • Virtual Visits and Triage – Support video-based visits both before and after surgery to reduce exposure and increase care team efficiency
  • Virtual Post-Surgical Care – Enable patient self-management, reduce readmissions and track post-surgery care plan efficacy

Our team is ready to support your immediate needs and long-term goals. We know your time is scarce, so we’re offering 15 minute calls to assess how we can help you immediately at little to no cost while you get up and running again.

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