TapCloud Chosen for Patient-Generated Health Data Pilot Demonstration

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TapCloud Chosen by Accenture Federal Services for Patient-Generated Health Data Pilot Demonstration

TapCloud, a leader in patient-generated health data (PGHD), was selected to be a pilot demonstration organization by Accenture Federal Services (AFS) in support of a project titled “Conceptualizing a Data Infrastructure for the Capture, Use, and Sharing of Patient-Generated Health Data in Care Delivery and Research through 2024” funded by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). This project is part of a suite of projects at ONC focused on improving use of health IT among researchers for patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR). Selected as one of two pilot demonstrations nationwide to provide in-market data and expertise for this project, TapCloud’s technology measures and monitors patients’ symptoms, pain, well-being, medication, and vitals. 

ONC is the principal federal entity charged with coordination of nationwide efforts to implement and use advanced health information technology and the electronic exchange of health information. ONC views the use of PGHD (data gathered by the patient rather than by the clinician or others) as an opportunity to capture needed information for use during care and research, with potential cost savings and improvements in quality, care coordination, and patient safety.

Recognizing that much of health happens between medical visits, it is critical to use PGHD to understand patient health during these extended periods.  The question is how. ONC has contracted with AFS to draft a policy framework white paper to identify best practices, gaps, and opportunities regarding the capture, use, and sharing of PGHD in clinical care and research settings through 2024. The TapCloud pilot demonstration is one of two testing potential solutions to challenges presented in the draft white paper. As part of the pilot demonstration, TapCloud is working with AMITA Health in Metropolitan Chicago to gather PGHD and associated clinical results across several medical conditions such as orthopedic surgery, stroke, and behavioral health.  This pilot demonstration will assist Accenture in developing recommendations on best practices for the collection, use, and sharing of PGHD. 

TapCloud is a comprehensive platform that connects patients and clinicians outside the clinical setting.  Rather than biometric data such as number of steps or blood pressure, the focus is on data about how the patient is feeling.  The platform has two parts.  Part 1:  the patient app provides information to and collects information from patients.  Part 2: the clinical dashboard synthesizes the large volume of individual data points and converts them into an easy-to-use visualization.  Said CEO Tom Riley, “We created TapCloud to capture the voice of the patient – collecting the right data at the right time to enable better health outcomes.”

TapCloud’s platform provides care plans, reminders, and critical health information to patients.  Through patent-pending technology, information about the patient can be gathered - information such as: How is the patient feeling?  Is she having any pain?  What symptoms are they experiencing?  Have they taken their medication?  Are they complying with their care plan?  The system uses advanced technology to identify symptoms based on clinical protocols, disease progression, medication side effects, historical behavior, and patient engagement. 

TapCloud “translates” PGHD into usable information for clinicians.  The visualizations enable rapid and effective clinician use.  In real time, clinicians can grasp what is happening with a patient and potential contributing factors to their health status.  TapCloud is a single technology that works for more than 90 medical conditions.  It also “speaks” multiple languages; for example, a patient can enter information in Spanish and a clinician can view that information in English. 

The pilot demonstrations are already underway.  AMITA Health’s Dr. Reinhold Llerena commented, “We are honored to be part of this PGHD initiative.  As part of our mission to help patients ‘in sickness and in health,’ it is essential to use leading edge technologies to connect with our patients outside the clinical setting.” 

TapCloud and AMITA Health expect to provide results and recommendations to AFS in the spring of 2017. 



About TapCloud

TapCloud helps patients and their doctors communicate crucial information in order to achieve better health outcomes - to reduce readmissions, manage utilization, and improve patient satisfaction. TapCloud’s proprietary platform combines cutting-edge mobile technology and personalized services in order to help patients and their doctors manage chronic conditions, assess treatment or medication effectiveness, and improve at-home recovery after an invasive surgery. The platform spans over 90 different health conditions. 

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About AMITA Health

AMITA Health is an integrated health system serving communities in western and northwestern suburban Chicago. AMITA Health is a Joint Operating Company formed in February 2015 by Adventist Midwest Health, based in Hinsdale, Ill., and Alexian Brothers Health System, based in Arlington Heights, Ill., encompassing nine hospitals and an extensive physician provider network of more than 3,000 physicians. AMITA Health is committed to delivering the most efficient, highest quality, faith-based care possible and respecting the faith traditions of all people.

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