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TapCloud provides a single, comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for patients and care teams.

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Easy-to-follow care plans increase patient compliance.

Easy-to-follow care plans increase patient compliance.

Fewer than half of patients are confident of what to do post discharge.

Simplifies complex care plans into daily steps

  • Digitizes discharge and transition of care instructions. No more reams of paper.
  • Converts the long laundry list of activities into specific items for each specific day.
  • These care plans are easier for patients to understand and easier to follow.

Customizes care plans for any condition

  • Manages more than 100 conditions
  • Chronic to acute, pre-surgical to post surgical, physical to behavioral
  • Clinicians can make real-time modifications to care plans. These changes are immediately conveyed to the patient.

Care plans also integrate medication management with no separate system required.

Easy-to-follow care plans increase patient compliance.
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Track patient health and compliance in real time.

Track patient health and compliance in real time.

Currently, patients “disappear” when not engaged live by the Care Team.

One-of-a-kind patient experience that actually engages patients.

  • Innovative word cloud presents potential symptoms and side effects to patients
  • Customized for each patient, each use, each condition and medication
  • Sophisticated algorithms look for symptoms, medication side effects, positive and negative symptoms, emotional and physical issues, and severity levels.
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TapCloud collects the right data for critical decisions

  • TapCloud collects patient symptomsSymptoms
  • TapCloud collets patient vitalsVitals
  • TapCloud monitors the patients' well beingWell Being
  • TapCloud tracks medication complianceMedications
  • TapCloud collects patient's pain levelsPain
TapCloud Remote Patient Monitoring Word Cloud

Track adherence

Is the patient following the care plan?

Did the patient take the appropriate medications?

View notes and photos provided by the patient for additional insight.

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TapCloud alerts you to which patients need help now.

Identify which patients need help now.

2/3 of patients are not highly engaged.

Advanced analytics alert the care team when a patient requires attention.

Set customized alerts in real time based on:

  • Positive action i.e. patient completed pre-surgical activities
  • Lack of action i.e. patient missed a medication
  • Specific measure i.e. pain level increase
  • Specific symptom i.e. leg swelling
  • Combination of factors
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The TapCloud dashboard alerts clinicians to which patients need help now.
TapCloud Manages patients

Simple, at-a-glance patient management

All collected data and history organized for rapid consumption & improved discussion / coaching

  • Prioritize patients based on health need (and intervene accordingly)
  • Gain extraordinary insights into patient health and activity
  • Full panel and individual patient drill down at Care Team’s fingertips
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TapCloud features a simple, at-a-glance patient management dashboard.

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