Being a patient is hard. We get it.
As a patient, keeping on top of everything you are supposed to do and tracking what is happening in your life can be really hard.
• Have you tried to describe how you’ve been feeling and what you were doing when you felt that way? 
• Have you had trouble remembering when your symptoms started?
• Have you wondered if a particular symptom is worth discussing with your doctor?
• Have you completely forgotten to tell your doctor about something during your appointment.
These things are important to get right because understanding how and what you’re feeling can help your doctor. And you are the only one who can share this information.
Using TapCloud gives you an easy way to communicate with your care team and it takes just a minute a day.
Remember, the information you record in TapCloud is for your reference and you can share reports from TapCloud with whomever you wish. Unless you sign up through your doctor or hospital TapCloud will not be monitored by a clinician.
Download TapCloud
TapCloud works on any smartphone or tablet. You can get the TapCloud App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To access TapCloud on a computer, just go to and click Patient Login in the upper right-hand corner. From there, you can login directly to TapCloud using your computer. Don’t worry, we will walk you through it.
Once you have downloaded the app, just follow these simple steps to get started:
Log In with your ID and PIN
To log in, use the TapCloud Patient ID and temporary PIN that you received. If you don’t have this information, email us at so that we can send it to you. Once you log in, tap the Menu button in the upper-left corner and choose Change PIN. After you login for the first time, TapCloud will remember your Patient ID, but for your security, you will need to enter your PIN each time you login.
Take One Minute to Check In
Step 1: How are you feeling?
GenericPainWhen you tap on the Check In button, you will be asked, How are you feeling today? Don’t worry if it’s been a while since your last check-in—just record how you’re feeling compared to yesterday. If you are in pain, you can also record your pain level. Once you have answered both questions tap the Submit button to save your answers.
Step 2: Tell us about your day.
On the next screen you will see a collection of symptoms chosen specifically for you. Every symptom is based on your conditions and the potential side effects of your medications.
To begin, just scan the “cloud” of words and tap on the symptoms that are relevant to you and the symptom will turn blue.
Tap a second time to indicate that a specific symptom is especially good or bad today and the symptom will turn red.
A third tap will deselect the symptom.
You can also add any symptom that describes how you feel today and TapCloud will help you track it. To do this, tap the "+" or Add Symptom button in the top left corner, and then add your symptom.
Tap Submit in the upper-right hand corner to finish your check-in.
After your first use, you’ll notice several words in the center of the screen will be larger than the rest. These are the symptoms or feelings you reported in your last check-in. If you are experiencing these symptoms the next time you check in, be sure to tap them. This will help your doctor understand if you have an on-going symptom that might need attention.
Feel free to check in as often as you want and especially when you experience a change in how you are feeling.
The Notes section of TapCloud allows you to journal anything you feel is important - details about your symptoms, questions or concerns you may want to discuss with your care team the next time you talk or how you are feeling today. Remember to tap Submit to save your entries. 
Personalizing TapCloud
You can customize TapCloud by adding your medications, setting reminders and tracking more than one medical condition. Adding this information makes TapCloud work even better for you and may help identify symptoms or patterns that you didn't even know were related to your condition or medications.
Add/Remove a Medication:
Your Care Team may have pre-loaded medications in your profile. You will see all the medications in your profile when you do a check in. We understand that your medications may change over time. To add or remove medications to your profile, tap the Menu button and select the Manage Medications option.
Set a Reminder:
Tap the Menu button and select the Manage Reminders option. Then follow the prompts to add a new reminder. Some reminders have been set up by your care team and can not be removed, but you can change the time of day the reminder occurs. If you think there is something that doesn’t belong in your reminders, contact your care team to discuss.
Add More Health Conditions:
Tap the Menu button and select the My Account option. Then, scroll down to select from a list of medical conditions
Your Health Data
TapCloud helps you organize what you are experiencing on a day-to-day basis. We provide you with several ways to view and share your own information. While your care team can monitor the health data you have submitted using the app, you may see multiple doctors or have family members you want to share your information with.
View Your Information:
Tap the Menu button and select View Reports. Choose the report you would like to see. You can even change the time period using the options at the top of the screen. Do you want to see all your health information for the past 30 days on one page? The Case Dashboard is a great report. However, because it contains more information, it is best viewed on a computer. While in the View Reports menu item, scroll down and tap + Send Reports and select Case Dashboard. The time period will be one month or the last 30 days. Choose the recipient then tap Send. The recipient will receive an email from TapCloud Support.
Share Your Information:
Tap the Menu button and select the Share option. Then tap Get Code. This creates a secure link to your TapCloud data. Enter the email address or mobile number for the person whom you want to receive the information, and tap Send Code. You control who has access and the amount of time you want your share code to be active. You can revoke access at anytime.                                    
TapCloud is a quick and easy way to invest in your overall health, login now to start tracking!