COVID-19 Virtual Treatment Solution Suite

Rapidly deploy a solution with faster detection and more effective treatment

  • Early identification through subtle symptom tracking
  • Optimized triage through continuous AI learning
  • COVID-19 treatment plans and virtual monitoring
  • Treatment efficacy tracking and learning
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant approach

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Assess, triage and treat patients across your population

Whether you started by mobilizing secure video visits or by deploying a screening tool across your patient and employee population, the call to tackle COVID-19 is daunting. As each day passes, the need grows greater to identify patients who have it, assess their severity and start virtual treatment.

  • Step 1 - Virtual Visits
  • Step 2 - Patient and Employee Screening and Triage
  • Step 3 - Virtual Treatment and Monitoring

Deploy Steps 1 and 2 in days or the entire solution within a week

COVID-19 Virtual Treatment Solution Suite

Secure Virtual Visits

Whether connecting to the patient, the caregiver or the entire care team, the system is quick and easy to use.

  • No downloads required
  • Call anyone – a phone number or email is all you need
  • Works with phone, tablet or desktop computer
  • Supports both one-on-one and group calls

Patient and Employee Screening and Triage

Rapidly assess and triage both your patient and employee population for COVID-19 risk


  • Surveys based on the latest CDC and clinical guidelines
  • Automated risk scoring and patient navigation
  • Minimal patient data needed
  • Integrated alerting and triage via clinician dashboard
  • Quick and easy mass patient upload
  • Support clinician and staff-administered surveys
  • Deliver screenings via text, email or mobile app
  • Employee and volunteer screening and monitoring

Virtual Treatment and Monitoring of COVID-19

Drive more effective care with better data. Patients check in with TapCloud an average of 4 times each week, generating an exponential increase in data, much of it previously unknown.

  • Subtle symptom tracking and changes in well-being
  • Earliest indicators of health deterioration
  • Intervention efficacy and recovery progression
  • Coronavirus daily care plans
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What makes TapCloud different?

There's a reason why patients use TapCloud more than any other patient engagement platform. Learn how our unique approach produces better insights and better outcomes.

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