TapCloud announces two innovations in Patient Reported Information

M-Health innovator TapCloud today announced two new enhancements to its health solution to better monitor, manage and measure overall treatment effectiveness — shareable dashboards for patients and risk alert options for clinicians.

Said CEO Tom Riley: “First we figured out how to capture medically relevant information from patients, now we have turned our energy to making that information available to any doctor or caregiver.”

Patients use TapCloud to record details about their wellbeing, symptoms, pain, medications and vitals, which are then available in real-time to clinicians who have signed up to use the TapCloud system. Now, patients can share that information more broadly with others involved in their care using TapCloud’s share feature, which allows patient users to grant one-time or ongoing access to the detailed information in their TapCloud dashboard.

Clinicians use TapCloud to keep an eye on at-risk patients, and with TapCloud’s new risk alert option, it’s now easier to identify the patients who may need immediate care.

Announced at the HIMSS conference, these enhancements are two of many from TapCloud to make it easier for doctors and patients to communicate, providing them with the right data, right now.

Shareable Dashboards for Patients

Patients who use TapCloud’s app to track their care can now grant limited access to their patient dashboard, which collects and displays pertinent health data about them, with anyone they choose. This new feature creates a secure link that patients control, allowing them to share their progress with all of doctors they see, their family, and any other caregivers as needed, regardless of whether or not the people they share it with are registered TapCloud users.

Risk Alert Options for Clinicians

Clinicians who use TapCloud’s clinical dashboard to manage large patient populations can now quickly identify the patients who are most at risk. This new risk alert feature is designed to help ensure that patient reported data is presented in a way that is clinically relevant and that patients most in need of care surface to the top.

Share and risk alert capabilities will be rolled out to existing customers over the next month, and will be available for all new customers effective immediately. Contact us to see a demo.

What is TapCloud?

TapCloud is a patient app that captures actionable data never before available based on a patient’s diagnosis and medications, and a corresponding clinical dashboard to monitor, manage and measure treatment effectiveness. TapCloud organizes patient data for clinicians to detect patient needs, and ultimately deliver superior healthcare outcomes.

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