TapCloud and Oncology


TapCloud, a leader in remote patient monitoring, is excited to extend our technology to Oncology.


New Technologies like TapCloud are leading to better patient care and better outcomes

TapCloud was created to bridge the doctor-patient communication gap between hospital visits, helping patients know what to do and helping clinical teams monitor their patients outside the clinical setting. Oncology centers around the nation are focused on improving patient satisfaction, symptom management, and outcomes, so they are turning to TapCloud for help.

 Companies like HealthCatalyst are listing “leveraging innovative technology” as a way to improve the patient experience. Specifically, a technology that provides communication and electronic patient feedback that alerts staff in real time, and interactive systems that give patients information about their care.

 The technology allows clinicians to see the symptoms, pain level, and well-being that predict which patients will seek urgent care. The doctor is able to track patient compliance, and the patient can submit symptoms to their medical team in real time. TapCloud enables clinicians to send patients home with a patient care plan, reducing the stress and anxiety of at-home care during chemotherapy. Patient satisfaction ratings are typically affected by the stress and anxiety stemming from lack of communication and understanding of symptom management. If doctors use TapCloud to monitor patients between office visits, patient satisfaction ratings would go up.


How patients view on quality-of-care can affect prognosis

A study done by NCBI found that the individual patient’s assessment of the overall quality-of-care they received might influence the outcome for oncology patients. Patients who are unsatisfied with the quality-of-care they’re receiving tend to develop stress and anxiety which can weaken their immune systems; an already serious concern for patients going through cancer treatments. Since 99% of health happens between doctors visits, patient dissatisfaction typically stems from a lack of communication and understanding.


The Weighted Blanked Giveaway

This research led us to our HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY, a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets provide DTP (deep touch pressure) which can reduce stress and anxiety in someone going through chemotherapy. Scientific backed benefits of DTP:

  • Increased serotonin for improved calmness
  • Decreased cortisol for improved stress levels
  • Reduced activity in the nervous system that would spike pulse rate and blood pressure
  • Promotes restful sleep

 We hope that this weighted blanket improves the stress and anxiety brought on by everything involved with receiving a cancer diagnosis.


Details of the weighted blanket contest:

Only available to US residents. Contest ends Jan 11th at 11:59 pm. To qualify for the contest entries must: like the Tapcloud facebook page, like the contest post, and tag a friend on the contest post. One winner will be chosen at random and contacted for mailing address. TapCloud will choose the weighted blanket.