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TapCloud is the result of the intensely personal experience of caring for a loved one with a serious medical condition. Of trying, and often failing to bridge the all-too-frequent communication gap between patient and doctor. Of seeing first-hand the unnecessary pain caused by a patient who doesn’t understand their medication instructions. Of seeing symptoms go unresolved for months.

We discovered, with the right approach, the communication gap is entirely manageable and the patient can easily communicate her symptoms to her doctors. That if the plan is built around the patient, they can and will follow it. That small things can make a big difference in a patient’s quality of life.

Even though one battle was lost, the lessons live on.

TapCloud: Committed to Improving Communication in healthcare.

Management Team

Phil traylor
Phil Traylor, CEO

Phil has extensive experience across the U.S. healthcare landscape including Health Plans, Health Systems and Healthcare Technology/Services such as Population Health and CMS Program optimization in the Medicare/Medicaid markets. Phil began his career with over 12 years at Accenture focused on Healthcare and Global Strategy, leading to senior leadership positions at UnitedHealth Group, Cognizant and most recently, Chief Strategy Officer for PopHealthCare, an in-home care delivery company focused on the frail elderly. Phil’s career is focused on helping bring new and better solutions to healthcare to improve patient care at reduced cost.

Tom Riley, TapCloud CEO
Tom Riley, Founder and Executive Chairman

Tom has over 25 years experience in healthcare technology. He has held roles spanning executive leadership, HIT strategy, sales and marketing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate development, and e-business strategy and operations. He has led organizations large and small in the development of strategic initiatives to improve the use of technology in healthcare.

Paul Nutting, TapCloud President
Paul Nutting, President

Paul has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare holding leadership positions in marketing, information technology, e-business and customer experience. He has a passion for finding new and innovative ways to use technology to improve healthcare. In his role at TapCloud, he is exploring new market opportunities and building strategic partnerships with the goal of making a positive difference in patients’ lives.

Steven Grundy, TapCloud CIO
Steven Grundy, CIO

Starting an ISP in the mid '90s, Steve is more than just a tech person, he is a serial entrepreneur, with experience in all facets of a startup life cycle - from conception, through VC funding, and eventual successful exits. He has a proven track record of creating large scale, highly reliable, fault tolerant web sites and an exceptional interest and experience in crypto-currency and blockchain technologies. Having worked as a paramedic, Steve also brings a deep understanding of medical terminology and real-world use cases.

mark headshot2
Mark Dogadalski, COO

Mark has over 25 years of experience spanning the health and wellness continuum. Mark brings with him both broad and deep expertise in strategic execution, operations, technology integration, business implementation and client success. Mark began his career with over 8 years at Accenture, primarily focused on IT and Operational Strategy in the Healthcare space. Over the next 12 plus years he held multiple leadership positions at UnitedHealthGroup across multiple business segments. Additionally, he had leadership positions at PopHealthCare and Huron Consulting before becoming the COO at HealthFitness. He's currently an executive board member with Population Health Alliance and passionate about innovation in the healthcare system and our culture of health.

Kevin McDonnell, CFO

Kevin leads TapCloud’s finance function, and is responsible for all finance and accounting controls, planning and reporting, corporate development and administration. Kevin has extensive private and public company finance and strategy experience over a three-decade long career which includes roles in public accounting, investment banking and financial leadership. Kevin has a passion for innovation, helping improve outcomes for patients, and driving improvements in the delivery, access and affordability of health care.  Kevin is a CPA and holds a Master of Management with distinction from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Accountancy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Jolinda Lambert, Chief Client Officer

Jolinda brings more than 20 years of leadership experience, with most of those years in the healthcare technology industry, that served large health systems globally. Jolinda has extensive knowledge and a proven track record of leading successful growth strategies for early-stage companies. Most recently, she was with Banyan Medical Systems, where she led the strategy, structure, and direction for the North American health system and hospital sales and marketing teams. Jolinda is passionate about building strong client relationships and innovative solutions that challenge the status quo and help make healthcare better for tomorrow.


 Jennifer Biancucci
Jennifer Biancucci, VP Sales

Jennifer is an innovative, entrepreneurial sales executive with 20 years in the health plan and start up healthcare technology market. Exceeding targets, implementing solution selling, and development of creative branding were all accomplished under her leadership. United Healthcare, Mid Atlantic Medical Services, Beacon Healthcare Systems, and Babel Health have all realized the impact of Jennifer’s sales and marketing strategies, collaborative engagement, and client management. Jennifer is very active in her local community serving as PTO board member, special events coordinator and serving food to the underprivileged.

Donna Rhea
Donna Rhea, VP Business Development

Donna has the unique opportunity to meet great people and connect them with an awesome communication tool which offers comfort, improves quality of life and can enhance the outcome of many healthcare situations. Her many years in health care have given her the experience and insight to engage people, define goals, negotiate results and achieve desired outcomes.

kelli website 3-1
Kelli McCurry, VP Product and Marketing

Kelli is a product and marketing strategist with deep knowledge and experience within the healthcare and technology sectors.  After spending a decade leading high performing product development and operational teams within two large regional health systems, Kelli brought her skills in market analysis, strategic planning and agile product development to the healthcare technology space.  She pairs market insights and deep knowledge in the operational, financial and technology aspects of healthcare payors and providers to deliver disruptive products that improve patient outcomes and support the transition to value-based payment.

Jeff Kristoff
Jeff Kristoff, VP Client Success

Jeff started as an Advisor with TapCloud and now serves as Vice President of Client Success, helping TapCloud clients serve their patients and families.  Jeff started his career with Hewitt Associates (now Aon Hewitt) and then served in progressive roles in Information Technology, Finance, Sales & Marketing, and Sales Operations at Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC).  Jeff is passionate about palliative and hospice care, and also volunteers in hospice.  He is also passionate about driving healthcare innovation that empowers individuals in their healthcare journey.  Jeff holds a Masters of Science in Data Science with a Bioinformatics focus from Lewis University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics from Indiana University Bloomington. 

Julieann Russo, VP Client Success

With a background in medical technology and over twenty years of leadership experience in healthcare IT, Julie has served in roles across program management, strategic planning, client relations and IT development and operations. She is passionate about advancing the experience for patients and their care team, most recently having served as the VP for IT Population Health at AMITA Health where she lead AMITA’s community and consumer strategy focusing on patient engagement tools, HIE and a Digital Front Door approach.  In her spare time she enjoys entertaining and outdoor activities with her family at her weekend house on the Rock River in Illinois.

Jackie Dennen, VP Client Success

Jackie has expertise in wellness implementation, client success, and team development. Jackie worked for over 10 years at Johnson & Johnson, managing onsite health and fitness accounts at several Fortune 500 companies. Then, she spent 15 years at HealthFitness, starting and growing Implementation Services, managing department operations and staff, and leading client implementations. Motivated by her experience as a caregiver, Jackie has a passion for making processes and communication easier for clients and patients. Jackie has an MBA in Organizational Development from University of Findlay, an MPH in Health Behavior/Health Education from University of Michigan, and a BS in Health Education from Michigan State University.

Mary Riley, TapCloud Director, Operations
Mary Riley, TapCloud Director, Operations

Mary has worked as a systems consultant in the government sector, a systems analyst in the healthcare industry, and spent 17 years working for a dentist before joining the TapCloud team. Her focus now is to provide exemplary customer support to all TapCloud users, addressing the needs of clinical teams and patients and incorporating their feedback directly into TapCloud’s product development cycle as needed.

Clinical Advisors

Martha Twaddle, M.D., TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Martha Twaddle, M.D.
Reinhold Llerena, M.D, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Reinhold Llerena, M.D
Dr. Richard Vazquez MD, RVT, RPVI, FACS
Reinhold Llerena
Janet Bull, MD, MBA, FAAHPM
Drew Mihalyo
Drew Mihalyo, PharmD
Kerri Kristoff TapCloud-1
Kerri Kristoff, ICEA
Rahul Malhotra, M.D., FACC, FSCAI
Rahul Malhotra, M.D., FACC, FSCAI

Strategic Advisors

Dominic Mangone
Dominic Mangone
Gilchrist Casual Website
Stuart Gilchrist
 Mark Hendrix
Mark Hendrix
Kevin Fowler, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Kevin Fowler
John Philbin, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
John Philbin
Brian Caffarelli, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Brian Caffarelli
Dan Foltz, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Dan Foltz
Jim Skulstad, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Jim Skulstad

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