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Why we do what we do

TapCloud is the result of the intensely personal experience of caring for a loved one with a serious medical condition. Of trying, and often failing to bridge the all-too-frequent communication gap between patient and doctor. Of seeing first-hand the unnecessary pain caused by a patient who doesn’t understand their medication instructions. Of seeing symptoms go unresolved for months.

We discovered, with the right approach, the communication gap is entirely manageable and the patient can easily communicate her symptoms to her doctors. That if the plan is built around the patient, they can and will follow it. That small things can make a big difference in a patient’s quality of life.

Even though one battle was lost, the lessons live on.

TapCloud: Committed to Improving Communication in healthcare.

Management Team

Tom Riley, TapCloud CEO
Tom Riley, CEO

Tom has over 25 years experience in healthcare technology. He has held roles spanning executive leadership, HIT strategy, sales and marketing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate development, and e-business strategy and operations. He has led organizations large and small in the development of strategic initiatives to improve the use of technology in healthcare.

Steven Grundy, TapCloud CIO
Steven Grundy, CIO

As a very successful web pioneer for almost 20 years, Steve has created highly reliable and secure e-commerce solutions for some of the world's largest retailers. With a strong medical background, he's traveled to third-world countries with medical teams and served for almost 10 years as a paramedic, personally making a difference in countless emergency situations.

Paul Nutting, TapCloud President
Paul Nutting, President

Paul has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare holding leadership positions in marketing, information technology, e-business and customer experience. He has a passion for finding new and innovative ways to use technology to improve healthcare. In his role at TapCloud, he is exploring new market opportunities and building strategic partnerships with the goal of making a positive difference in patients’ lives.

David Bardach, TapCloud CMO
David Bardach, CMO

David is a marketing, innovation, and strategy executive with 25+ years of experience leading a variety of organizations. Working domestically and globally, he uses his consumer-centric approach to create opportunities and build businesses – from consumer packaged goods to healthcare. David’s passion is creating innovative solutions for important consumer and organization challenges.

Mary Riley, TapCloud Director, Operations
Mary Riley, Director, Operations

Mary has worked as a systems consultant in the government sector, a systems analyst in the healthcare industry, and spent 17 years working for a dentist before joining the TapCloud team. Her focus now is to provide exemplary customer support to all TapCloud users, addressing the needs of clinical teams and patients and incorporating their feedback directly into TapCloud’s product development cycle as needed.

George Hayman, TapCloud Director, Product Development
George Hayman, Director, Product Development

George is a creative solution specialist with more than 25 years experience in health care marketing, communication, and interactive media development. He is responsible for the ongoing evolution of the TapCloud platform, identifying new markets, developing interactive media to enhance the TapCloud experience and to grow utilization.

Strategic Advisors

Reinhold Llerena, M.D, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Reinhold Llerena, M.D
Martha Twaddle, M.D., TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Martha Twaddle, M.D.
Dr. Richard Vazquez MD, RVT, RPVI, FACS
Brian Caffarelli, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Brian Caffarelli
John Philbin, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
John Philbin
Phil Traylor, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Phil Traylor
Jim Skulstad, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Jim Skulstad
Lee Remen, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Lee Remen
Debbie Fields, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Debbie Fields
Kevin Fowler, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Kevin Fowler
Dan Foltz, TapCloud Strategic Advisor
Dan Foltz

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